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22nd Sep 2015

Are You Into The Sporty Type? There’s A New Tinder Style App You NEED To Try

Here’s to playing the (sporting) field.



If you’re looking for love online, but tired of the Tinder masses and cheesy chat-up lines, we may have uncovered the app for you.

New app Sprinter is being labelled the dating tool for fitness people, offering gym and fitness fanatics the chance to connect with those who also like to get a sweat on outside the bed sheets.

Created by Swedish sports brand Bjorn Borg, the app is strictly into pushing you to your limits.

Break A Sweat When you sweat, water is leaving your body. This can help any existing bloat. There’s no need to do crazy workouts either. Just do a bit of stretching and your regular exercise regime.

Yes you can swipe right, chat and connect with other fitness fans, but Sprinter automatically tracks your movements and registers “fuel” to your account.

You’ll need this fuel to unlock key functionalities, such as instant messaging or swiping.

So if you want your app to run, you need to do the same.

Only Doing Cardio When You Work Out It’s easy to assume that the best way to stay fit and healthy is to stick to the same cardio workout. But, if you only do cardio your body will become accustomed to the routine that you’ll start to burn less fast over time. Trade in a few of your cardio workouts for circuit training, yoga and even a few stretching sessions.


So what happens when you find a swiping match?

The basic idea if you’ll find your workout mate, but realistically, the brainchild behind the company’s creation says the app is the perfect way to meet your fitness other half without the awkward drinks and small talk.

Although, in fairness, at least you’ll know you both have the dedication and stamina to go the distance.

H/T Runner’s World