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13th Apr 2013

And Your Point Is…? McDonalds Remove Insensitive Ad After Complaints

Someone needs to rethink their idea of a parody ad...

McDonalds have removed a regional ad from the Boston area after outcry as people questioned the ad’s point, reports.

The ad features a familiar image of an upset woman with her head in her hands. The words above the image read: “You are not alone.”

Below it? “Millions of people love the Big Mac”.  

There is even an 1800 number which connects to the McDonalds’ customer satisfaction line included.

People are arguing that the image is equating depression and mental illness to the desire for a Big Mac.

The fast food restaurant has issued an apology, blaming a regional ad agency.

“We can confirm the ad was not approved by McDonalds,” it said in a statement.

“As soon as we learned about it, we asked that it be taken down immediately.”