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13th Jan 2013

An Improvement on the Real Thing? Photoshopped Portrait of Kate Middleton Goes Viral

If you thought the Duchess of Cambridge's official portrait was bad, just wait until you see this!

On Friday, January 11th, the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled to the public. If you’ve laid your eyes on it already then you’ll know that it has been met with some differing opinions.

Well, needless to say, it was probably just a matter of time before internet pranksters started to have a laugh with the painting.

A picture of K-Middy’s official portrait that has been given the oh-so-funny ‘botched restoration’ treatment has gone viral and is taking the internet by storm. Check it out:

Kate Middleton by Twitter user @quebectango

Photoshopped by Twitter user @quebectango, the portrait features the popular Jesus Christ fresco painting that was completely ruined when 80-year-old Cecila Gimenez decided to ‘fix it’ with her paintbrush. Oh, and here’s the original portrait of Kate, just so you can draw a comparison…

Kate Middleton by Paul Emsley

K-Middy has already said that she thinks her original portrait (which was painted by award-winning artist Paul Emsley) is “amazing” but we can’t help but wonder what she’d think of this version of herself…