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03rd Jul 2013

American Gangster, A-List Treatment and The Apprentice: The Best of Tonight’s TV

On the small screen this evening...

From pets getting plastic surgery to one of the most famous drug smugglers of all time, there’s plenty to keep you entertained on the small screen tonight.

Hollywood Me – Channel 4 (8.00pm)

Deborah Fegan is off to Los Angeles to get the A-list treatment and meet Titanic star Billy Zane but that’s not all as her home is also getting a makeover.

The Apprentice – BBC One (9.00pm)

This week the hopefuls have to grow a business from scratch in just 48 hours but only five will make it through to the final.

Pet Plastic Surgery – TV3 (9.00pm)

Nick Frost takes a closer look at the growing trend of animal plastic surgery including rabbits getting tummy-tucks and dogs undergoing nose jobs.

Love and Marriage – UTV (9.00pm)

Tonight Martin adapts to his new role as a househusband, Ken opens up to Pauline and Heather finally admits to having feelings for Ashley.

American Gangster – RTÉ One (9.35pm)

This crime drama narrates the life of drug kingpin Frank Lucas whose methods of smuggling heroin made him a key figure in the New York underworld.