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15th Nov 2013

AMAZING: Thousands Turn Out To Fulfil 5-Year-Old Boy’s Superhero Dream

Ladies, grab a tissue, this is heartwarming stuff.

Five-year-old Miles had only one wish, and today the city of San Francisco granted him that wish. This evening Make-A-Wish foundation turned San Francisco into Gotham City for Miles, who is currently battling life-threatening leukaemia and sees the superhero as a source of strength.

Miles, who now goes by the name, BatKid, got to save a damsel in distress on a cable car track, prevent a bank robbery and rescued the kidnapped mascot of the San Francisco Giants baseball team, all the while dressed as the caped crusader and with thousands of people cheering him on from the side of the street.

Miles was accompanied by his younger brother who played his side-kick, Robin.


The San Francisco Chronicle, produced one thousand copies of this special edition to celebrate their one-day transformation into Gotham City.

Scenes from the city have flooded the internet, as thousands of people flocked to the streets, to see this little boy’s dream fulfilled.

Grab a tissue, ladies, this is heartwarming stuff.

Yes, we cried. We cried a lot.