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16th Jan 2019

Airbnb are looking for people to live in this dreamy Italian town for 3 whole months

Pick me, pick me!

Yes, Airbnb have teamed up with Wonder Grottole to find four ideal candidates who are willing to pack their bags and jet off to the gorgeous town of Grottole in southern Italy’s Basilicata region.

The ancient town, best known for it’s skilled rustic pottery making, wants to help restore it’s historic centre and revitalise itself with the help of a volunteer (that’s YOU).

With beautiful, winding cobbled streets and the locals’ down-to-earth way of life, the lucky ducks chosen by Airbnb to will get to spend three months living the dream as a ‘temporary citizen.’

If chosen, not only will the stay in a traditional Grottole home be entirely FREE, there’s €900 extra spending money per month. Those chosen will wake up at sunrise each morning (best be an early bird for this one), have a delish cappuccino, meet their local teacher for that all-important Italian lesson (yep, you could be fluent in no time) and then head to a local vegetable garden to get those hands muddy with local expert, Andrea.

Afterwards is a cooking lesson with Rosa (she knows all the secrets to creating the most terrific Italian dishes), more exploring through the Italian countryside, plus a waltz around the towns architectural and historical gems in the evening.

Sounds like the ultimate escape ladies.

The town also boasts a local wine cellar, the D’Aria Oil Mill (where they make that authentic extra virgin olive oil), The Beekeepers Place (where hard-working bees make the towns local honey) and the Castle Sichunulfo (a 10th century ruin) to name just a few. The latter is ideal for a spectacular view of the valley.

So enough chit-chat – you can sign up here to be in with a chance to escape and rewind right here. Oh, and by the looks of the questions asked – photographers, artists, cooks (generally anyone creative) – might have an upper hand at nabbing a ticket to Grottole.

Applications will be accepted until February 17, 2019 at 11:59 pm Central European Time.

In bocca al lupo! (Good luck!)