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12th Dec 2013

According To Twitter, Here’s What Ireland Was Watching In 2013

Basically, we really like Vincent Browne.

Sue Murphy

We like to watch TV in this country, in fact we like to watch a lot of it. However, we like to talk about it almost as much, if not more, than we like watching it.

Irish audiences now spend almost more of their time thinking of witty remarks and having conversations on twitter about the programme they’re watching rather than actually watching the programme itself.

vin b

Twitter have certainly noticed this trend and so they have put together a list of the programmes that we have been talking about on the social network this year.

Basically, we all really like Vincent Browne. However, surprisingly, there is no mention of the great Love/Hate!

The top ten in full then is as follows:

1) vinb
2) Late Late
3) X Factor
5) #theapprentice
6) rtept
7) #rtethevoice
9) eurovision
10) Big Brother UK