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26th Mar 2013

Absolutely Chilling: Met Eireann Warns of Ice, Frost & Freezing Temperatures For The Easter Weekend

Rather than being full of the joys of spring this Easter, we're likely to be shivering and snuggling up to the fire...

If you were hoping for a bit of sunshine this Easter we have some bad news for you today. You might want to invest in some thermal pants because the current cold snap is set to worsen over the coming days (lame!).

The Irish Independent reports that Met Eireann has said temperatures will remain abnormally low for the rest of the week. The small upside is that conditions will remain relatively dry, so that’s something we guess.

Average temperatures will range around 3C but a sharp wind will make it feel colder than it actually is, so if you have a chunky scarf, a warm coat and some gloves now would be a good time to dig them out of the wardrobe.

If you’re driving over the next few days, take extra care on icy roads

Forecasters also warned that there was a chance of ground frost and icy patches at nice, so motorists are advised to take extra care on the roads over the coming days.

Today is set to be bitterly cold, with temperatures dropping to as low as -3C every night for the next four days.

“Unfortunately, there won’t be any change to the cold conditions for the next few days. It will remain between two to six degrees by day but drop sharply to minus two or three at night,” said Gerald Fleming, a forecaster for Met Eireann.

“There should be a slight improvement as we get towards next weekend but there’s still uncertainty over whether we will return to  more normal temperatures for this time of year. Towards the end of next week it will be more like five to seven degrees by day but still touching freezing at night time,” he added.

Okay, so it’s not going to be the nice, warm Easter that we were all hoping for but hey, if there was ever an excuse to park yourself in front of the fire with a mug of tea, a box set and an Easter egg for the weekend, this is it.