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21st Dec 2013

“A Travel Coffee Mug And Vinyl Record’ – 12 Christmas Presents Perfect For Hipsters

Know a hipster and don't know what to buy them? We have all the answers...


Everyone knows a hipster. It may be a family member, friend, work colleague or even the significant other, they’re everywhere, and we love them. 

Purchasing a present for those who are too cool to be cool, but were actually cool before it was cool to be cool, and not into anything ‘mainstream’ can be difficult.

One or two of those said hipsters work amongst us here in the Her Towers, and so we decided to run a few present ideas past him and we thought we’d share the ones that were given the seal approved.

Here are twelve present perfect for a beloved hipster this Christmas.

1. Travel Coffee Mug 


Coffee, need we say any more?! Hipsters love their coffee and are often seen carrying to-go cups. That is why this is a perfect present.


2. A Snow Globe


Some of us aren’t that fond of receiving Christmas themed gifts, hipsters however, they love them.

Some don’t even bother putting away the fairy lights  around the mantelpiece after Christmas is over. Or placing the tea towels decorated with Christmas trees to the back of the drawer.

You can be guaranteed the snow globe will have the centre place on the coffee table made out of old wooden pallets.


3. Helmet and Reflective Gear

Ensure your hipster friend cycles carefully on the new bike that Santa brought.


4. Moustache Wax


If your significant other happens to be a bit of a hipster and have a facial hair, this is a perfect gift.

Just look at the sheer joy on this man’s face.


5. Coffee Beans

Because hipsters don’t do anything ordinary, a regular bean coffee may possibly offend them. Purchase a vanilla bean or cinnamon.

Note: All true hipsters have their own coffee grinders.


6. Kitten or Cat


They’ll love you forever. This cat is owned by JOE’s resident hipster, Adrian. His name is Clyde. He loves Christmas.

7. Socks 

Organic fair trade cotton. Only the best.


8. Aran Jumpers 

The more vintage the better.

9. A Vinyl Record 


This will put you right on the top of the list in their good books for 2014.


10. Typewriter

Or something that you can attach onto your iPad to make it feel and look like a typewriter.


11. Mood Ring

A must-have accessory for those who love things a little different and handy to know if your beloved hipster likes your present.


12. Festive Glasses

They love their thick frames and so novelty glasses are a must for the New Year’s Eve festivities.