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27th May 2016

A Tinder glitch led to two straight lads unknowingly chatting each other up

The glitch made each of the lads profiles appear as girls

Ah Tinder.

It’s hardly the place to go for love but at least you can nab some decent conversation. For two lads recently the conversation got pretty awkward when they realise a glitch in the system made their profiles female. One appeared of a young girl Dolly looking for love, and the other appeared as a sultry Asian woman named Sybil.

Luckily the conversation stayed relatively PC and above board and the chaps uploaded it to Imgur.

The lads laughed it off after they realised the error. They added each other on Facebook and perhaps they’ll stay friends 4eva.

See how the conversation unfolded below.

01 - I matched with a cute girl sweet

02 - Aaand here goes the conversation

03 - 966kNDj

04 - dzOnIyG

05 - nzrCR4w

06 - Ws4cBq6

07 - eBxVWZm

08 - AtGdPaJ

09 - Seems I got pretty lucky with this one so far

10 - 90rVauJ

11 - SCCxGmj

12 - BWX7ke5

13 - JswsZ02

14 - rUF21Oj

15 - Wait what

16 - EAjNe78

17 - 5M7SDbg

18 - Gfg3FPd

19 - 40fozQf

20 - This is how I showed up to him on Tinder

Here is how the chaps actually look.

21 - This is me 22 - This is what he actually looks like