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28th May 2016

A story of three women preventing a potential rape is going viral

A serious incident was narrowly avoided thanks to the fast response of three random strangers.

In a Facebook post that is quickly going viral, Sonia Ulrich explains that she was at a nice restaurant with her gal pals when one of them noticed a man pour a substance into his female companions drink.

Sonia writes:

“I was going on about something and saw Monica staring behind and making a funny face. I stopped. “What’s going on?” After a few second she said “That guy just put something in her drink.””

“They had a bottle of wine they were splitting. It seemed like a first or second or third date. After a few “Oh god. What do we do”s, I got up to find her in the bathroom to tell her. Warn her. Tell her to get up and leave this creep. Make him drink it. Something.”

Surprisingly, Sonia discovered the girl was not on a date but rather with a good friend.

“So, after feeling awkward hanging out by the sinks in the bathroom til she was done, I approached. “Hey! Um, this is kind of weird, but, uh, we saw the guy you were with put something in your drink.””

“Oh My God.” She said. Shocked, kind of numb, so I babbled “Yeah, my girlfriend said she saw him put something in your drink and we had to say something. Woman to woman…you know. We had to say something. How well do you know that guy?” I was expecting to hear

“We just met,” but I got:

“He’s one of my best friends.”

Shit. Yeah. One of her best friends. They had known each other for a year and a half. They worked together.”

They informed the waiter of what happened.

“He pulled her glass toward him, kind of awkwardly, then he took out a little black vial. He opened it up and dropped something in. Then he tried to play it cool, like checking his phone and hiding the vial in his hand and then trying to bring it back down slyly” writes Sonia.

Luckily the staff reacted brilliantly.

They delayed the man until authorities could arrive.

“The head of security came by and said that because we notified them immediately, they were able to go back and review the footage from the security camera” writes Sonia.

“They had proof of him drugging this girl. They took the glass away as evidence. They kept us for statements. We asked the girl if she had a ride home. “My car is at his place. In his building. We came together.” Part of a plan. We were blown away. She was still in shock.”

Sonia further explains that after the man was taken away, patrons in the restaurant came and thanked the three girls for their response, sharing  their own stories of similar experiences.

The post has since been shared over 47k times.

Read in full below. Scary stuff.