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12th Nov 2013

A Hot Whiskey, Be Grand They Said – 12 Irish Ways To Cure Any Ailment

These cures are sacred. They've been curing people for generations...

Us Irish folk, we’re funny when it comes to certain things, we’re often stuck in our ways and sometimes superstitious. One thing that will never change is our method of curing ailments and sickness. 

Combatting cold and flus, battling upset stomachs, overcoming headaches and preventing a full blown body melt down… We’ve got the answer.

Most of the time we treat the majority of this list with the exact same ‘homemade remedy’.

Who needs a Doctor when you’ve got these Irish methods that have been curing people for years, passed down from generation to generation… Granny never lies!


1. Whiskey Becomes Your Best Friend

Who needs Uniflu when you can have a hot whiskey instead. A little bit of lemon, a few cloves… winning.


2. Flat 7up

7up really is magical stuff.

Grab two cups and pour the liquid from one to the other. Continue this process until you are sure the fizz has well and truly gone.


3. A Wee Lie Down

Sure you’re just tired, a wee sleep will do you the world of good.


4. Vegetable Soup

You’re in dire need of some nourishment, at least that’s what your mother tells you.

So in a bid to cure your ailment, she takes the largest pot in the Kitchen and throws in just about anything that falls under the category ‘vegetables’.

Forget your five-a-day, have 15 instead!


5. A Cuppa Will Sort Everything 

Ah, you’re sick, are you? Sure stick on the kettle there and have a cup of tea, it’ll sort you out.


6. Don’t Throw Those Teabags Out… 

Forget the cucumber slices, put those used teabags to good use instead.

Teabags help reduce puffiness and tiredness… That’s why Mrs Doyle looks so great.


7. A Bit Of Fresh Air…

Only in Ireland would it be a suggestion that “all you’re lost for is a bit of fresh air.”

A walk outside and round your the garden will leave you feeling great after. Go on.


8. Sudocrem Has Healing Powers 

There isn’t a household in the country that hasn’t a tub of Sudocrem to its name.


9. All You Need Is A Bit Of Vitamin C

You’re under the weather, which must mean one thing, you’re lacking in Vitamin C.

In an attempt to restore balance to the body, (and keep folks quiet), you consume enough orange juice to supply an entire breakfast buffet at a busy hotel in holiday season.


10. Good Ol’ Reliable Toast, It’s A Saviour.

Your stomach is sick, and you haven’t eaten in days, this calls for one thing, and one thing only… Toast.

Toast for breakfast. Toast for lunch with a wee bit of cheese if you’re feeling up to it. Toast for dinner. Toast for supper with a bit of jam or marmalade because you deserve it.


11. Have A Wee Bit Of Ice Cream 

You’re sick, but you’re not sick enough to turn down an ice cream. After all it is said to be great for an ol’ sore throat or upset tummy.


12. Must. Find. Doc. Leaf. 

Nothing will ever compare to the pain of your first ever nettle sting. While some of us were busy cursing  the world and caught up thinking, “why me?” others set out in search of a dock leaf, because there was only one cure for a nettle sting…

“Dock leaf, dock leaf, inside out, take the sting of this nettle out.” Some of us are still scarred emotionally from our nettle experiences.