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04th Dec 2012

“A Guardian Angel in Fur” Dog Saves Toddler’s Life By Leading Rescuers To Him

When a two-year-old went missing, family were fearing the worst until their pet dog showed the authorities where to find the sleeping child.

When it comes to animals, dogs really are a human’s best friend. Case in point? This brave pooch kept a missing toddler safe and sound until the child was found by authorities.

The Huffington Post reports that two-year-old Peyton Myrick went missing for more than four hours when he was staying at his grandparent’s home in America.

Ernest Myrick, Peyton’s granddad, was planning on taking the child out with him to pick a Christmas tree, but when he went searching for his grandson, Peyton was nowhere to be found. Strangely enough, the family dog was also missing.

According to Mr Myrick, he searched high a low but couldn’t find the toddle and Ashepoo, the family dog who likes to follow the little boy, had disappeared without a trace.

Fearing the worst, Mr Myrick raised the alarm. A huge search for the child followed. A helicopter was flown in, officers, sheriffs, police dogs and dozens of friends and family combed the area looking for Peyton.

“You just never think that’s going to happen to you, and it’s scary,” said Carmen Myrick, Peyton’s mother.

“And as the night went on, four hours later, it’s cold, dark. I thought to myself ‘this is not going to end good,’” she added.

But thankfully, Ashepoo the dog made sure that her fears were never realised.

The family credits the dog with helping to save Peyton’s life

At 8.30pm, authorities received reports of a black and white dog barking frantically in a wooded area. The family knew that it was their dog and that it was likely Peyton was nearby.

As rescuers approached the wood, Ashepoo emerged and began barking. The rescuers followed the dog, which led them to Peyton. The toddler was found asleep on top of a wadded-up jacket. Ashepoo the dog had stayed with him the entire time.

“Ash was his guardian angel in fur,” said Peyton’s dad, Rich, speaking to local reporters.

We’re inclined to think so too.