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14th May 2013

A Disturbing Way To Skip Queues: Rich Parents Hire Disabled People To Pose As Family

Rich parents have a disturbing way of skipping the queue at Disney World...

Wealthy Manhattan mothers have come up with a disturbing way of skipping the queue at Disney World: they’re hiring disabled people to pose as family members so they can jump to the front.

The New York Post reports that “black-market Disney guides” set rich parents back $1,040 for an eight-hour day at the “happiest place on earth.”

“My daughter waited one minute to get on ‘It’s a Small World’ – the other kids had to wait 2 and a half hours,” boasted one mother, who hired a disabled guide through Dream Tours Florida.

“You can’t go to Disney without a tour concierge. This is how the 1 per cent does Disney,” she added.

The woman said that she hired a Dream Tours guide to escort her hubby and her son and daughter through the park in a special scooter that is normally reserved for disabled visitors. The scooter had a “handicapped” sign on it.

Due to the sign, the mother and her family were sent straight to an auxiliary entrance at the front of every single attraction. This means that they are allowed to skip the queues and basically board the rides immediately.

According to The Post wealthy parents now feel lying about disability is worth it because it means they have a more enjoyable experience. Oh and it works out cheaper for them too.

The lines at Disney World are notoriously bad

Disney Tours offers a VIP guide and fast passes for $310 – $380 per hour, however hiring a “black-market tour guide”  from Dream Tours Florida costs less money and allows better access to the park’s facilities.

Passing around the “black-market guide” company’s phone number has become a ritual amongst rich parents in Manhattan and apparently the service asks who referred you before they agree to talk business with you.

“It’s insider knowledge that very few have and share carefully,” said Dr. Wednesday Martin a social anthropologist who discovered the black-market service when she was doing research for a book on Park Avenue.

“Who wants a speed pass when you can use your black-market handicapped guide to circumvent the lines all together? So when you’re doing it, you’re affirming that you are one of the privileged insiders who has and shares this information,” she added.

The New York Post contacted Ryan Clement, the man who runs Dream Tours Florida with his girlfriend Jacie Christiano. Celement denied that Jacie uses her disability to bypass lines. He said that she has an auto-immune disorder and acknowledged that she does use one of the special scooters while she is on the job.

Disney World has yet to comment on the allegations being made.