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01st Dec 2012

A Bit Morto Alright: Love/Hate Star Cringes When She Watches The Show With Mum!

Eve Macklin revealed that her raunchy scenes embarrass her!

Choosing to watch Love/Hate with your mum is a bad enough idea but imagine if you were the one in your knickers on the telly?

Actress Eve Macklin revealed that she feels like a bold teenager every time she watches the hit RTÉ drama with her mother and she often spends Sunday night’s cringing.

According to The Irish Sun, Eve said she has become known “as Dano’s mott or the one that was in her knickers.”

“I get sick at about 5:30pm on a Sunday evening.


Eve said she feels like a bold teen 

“I watch it with my mam, she thinks it’s pretty cool but there are some scenes which she gets comments on.

“I do get a bit embarrassed about it sometimes. After the last episode she said to me, ‘So you’re smoking and kissing now?’ I felt like I was 15 again,” she joked.

Despite feeling mildly morto from time to time, Eve said she doesn’t mind the raunchy scenes because of the show’s excellent script.

“Our job is to tell stories. If the story is good it doesn’t really matter what the scene is. It’s a pleasure to do something that’s written so well,” she said.

Eve also revealed that the success of Love/Hate has shocked her.

“It’s quite overwhelming. I was not expecting the level of attention that it gets. It’s only three episodes in at the moment so I’m still very new to the viewers,” she finished.

We can’t wait for tomorrow’s drama fix!