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02nd Jan 2016

8 Ways To Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

Beat the January blues!


It’s all over. The turkey has been cut (and gobbled up), the crackers have been pulled and the presents have been opened.

Although most of us love the festive season, as soon as January rocks around and the real world comes calling once more it can be hard to get yourself motivated.

Don’t let the post-Christmas blues get on top of you though, read some of our helpful tips to get you through the aftermath of the festive season.


Get outdoors

There’s nothing that will help clear your head more than taking a walk outside or going for a run. The fresh winter air will do you the world of good and will boost your energy and endorphins.

Dry January

Stay away from the booze in January. The first month of the year is a brilliant month to detox your body and steering clear of alcohol not only will make you feel better, but will also keep your mind clear. Couple this with eating healthily and you will be surprised how much better you will feel even in a short space of time.

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Keep on giving

Have a New Year clean out after the festive season comes to an end. Sort through your wardrobe, throw out anything you haven’t used or worn in the last year and give yourself a fresh and renewed start. Re-gift anything you won’t use and donate the rest to charity shops.

Take a step back

Christmas time can often lead to a bit of family drama. Take a deep breath and take a step back. Don’t get involved and don’t let it get on top of you. Slap on a fake smile and walk away.



There’s nothing that will cheer you up more than inviting a few friends over. You might not think you are in the mood to entertain but we guarantee catching up with your girls or family will cheer you right up. It’s also a good one for easing family tension – if there are guests over than everyone has to be on their best behaviour.

New man?

There’s nothing more stressful than introducing the new man in your life to your family at Christmas time. Avoid the stress and the drama by leaving it ‘til the New Year. Then you won’t be throwing him in at the deep end either.


Learn something new

Picking up a new hobby will help distract you from anything else going on. Try a new sport, learn a new language, take a course or even just decide to go for a jog three times a week. You will be surprised how taking a little bit of time for yourself will be invaluable to how you feel.

Plan plan plan!

Nothing will give you a lift than having something planned for later in the year. Having something to look forward to will really boost your mood – be it a weekend away or even just planning a night out to catch up with old friends, planning something will keep your spirits up.

The wrong-landing move: Ladies, when you’re on top nothing terrifies a man more than when you bounce a little too high and there’s the possibility of an awkward landing. If you land the wrong way, you could be bruising a hell of a lot more than your ego, trust us. For the sake of your man’s nerves we recommend small bounces. Remember ladies, easy does it…