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03rd Nov 2016

8 things you’ll only understand if your BFF is your exact opposite

She's the ying to your yang.

Brought to you by Double Decker.

The old saying ‘opposites attract’ definitely applies to friendships.

You and your best friend could be like chalk and cheese but that doesn’t mean you aren’t inseparable.

Here are the things you will only know if your best friend is your polar opposite.

It’s never boring

Because you’re so different you never know what kind of shenanigans you’re both going to get up to. No matter what though it will never be boring. You always keep each other on your toes.

You never fancy the same fella

And thank God for that. Because you and your bestie are so different you very rarely think the same guy is hot. It makes being each others’ wingwoman on a night out a hell of a lot easier.

She will always tell you when you’re wrong

There’s no one like your best friend to say it like it is and she definitely won’t hold back when she thinks you have done something wrong. Don’t expect her to sugarcoat it either.

You are never competitive

Because you each have your own interests you never feel pressure to keep up with each other. You’ll be there to cheer her on at her triathlon and she will be there to support you when you win your competitive eating competition it’s all swings and roundabouts.

You each do you own thing

At the end of a day together you’re quite happy to part ways and do your own thing. You know you each have different hobbies and that’s probably for the best.

She drags you along to some interesting places

Because you’re best friends you’ll feel obligated to accompany her to her new burlesque class, rock climbing day out and heavy metal concert. You won’t like it but you’ll do it anyways. Why? Because that’s what friends are for, or at least that’s what you tell yourself as you mentally prepare for another hot yoga class with your bestie.

There’s always a row when you go to the cinema

She wants to go see a horror movie, you want to go see the latest rom-com, there’s just no pleasing you two. Someone always has to give in…and it’s usually you *cough, cough*.

People are sometimes surprised you’re best friends

You two? Friends? Something doesn’t add up here. How did that happen? But you’re so different!

This article is brought to you by Double Decker.