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06th Apr 2014

7 Things You Hear or Say Now That It’s Brighter in The Evening

"There's a grand stretch in the evenings."

Last weekend the clocks went forward leaving everybody a bit tired but generally happy with the fact that the evenings are brighter.

Speaking of which, there are quite a few common phrases that are thrown about at this time of the year, such as…

1. There’s a grand stretch in the evenings.

There is indeed.

2. Sure we can do so much more now that it’s brighter in the evening.

Because before you weren’t allowed to go anywhere after 6.00pm.

Side-Step Temptation You’re guaranteed most things on the menu will taste delicious when you’re eating out so why not take the healthy option and enjoy what some chefs can make with the healthiest options out there. For those with a sweet tooth, try a sorbet for dessert instead of ice cream or try fruit instead of cake.

3. Want an ice-cream?

It’s been TOO long.

4. I can’t sleep.

Stupid curtains!

5. Doesn’t it make the day seem so much longer now?

That’s probably because the day is technically longer in terms of daylight hours.


6. Remember when it was dark at five o’clock?

Yes, it was only about a month ago.

7. Sure you can’t sit in on an evening like that. (Usually said be your mam.)

We probably could but then we’d feel guilty. Out it is!