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02nd Apr 2013

7 Moments of Pure Relief That Can’t Be Equalled

Aaaaand breathe. It's all going to be okay...

You know those almost blissful, weirdly worth-it moments of relief that stem from a build-up of incredible and unwanted tension?

The Bird Poo – You’re walking into work and you feel something drop on your head. You reluctantly lift your hand up with a growing feeling of dread that a pigeon has just done its business in your recently washed and blow-dried hair. But alas it turns out to be a large droplet of water. You have never been happier.

The Last Cup of Tea – So the kettle is boiled and there are four cups sitting on the bench. You pour out the third cup of tea and suddenly get the feeling that you haven’t filled the kettle with enough water. You start pouring the fourth and the steeper you have to tilt the kettle the more anxious you get. You’re down to the last few drops but the cup is filled, just about.

The Flat Tyre – As you are driving home from work you accidentally drive into a massive pot hole. As if that’s not bad enough you convince yourself for the duration of the journey that the car is pulling to the side and that you have a puncture. As you step out of the car you just want to cry at the thought of it. That is until you see that it’s not a puncture. Yay!

The Declined Card – The realisation that the credit card that has been declined twice in a row at the checkout isn’t the correct card for the pin you have been entering. Oh sweet relief, you’re not broke, you’re just a little silly for not having realised this after the first attempt…

The Lost Phone – You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you can’t find your mobile phone in your bag where you thought you’d put it? Your hand starts moving faster and you start to become more and more panicked as the seconds go by. Then comes the fear that you’ve left it in the bar. Just when you’re about to rush out the door, it falls into your hand. Thank the Lord!

The Bad Dream – Be it someone trying to break into your house, a killer leprechaun chasing you or a test you haven’t studied for, the moment of relief when you wake up to find out it’s all just a bad dream is second to none. Doesn’t stop you from switching the light on and checking under your bed though.

The Full Bladder – For the last two hours you have been clenching your bladder muscles and crossing your legs. Yes, you probably should have gone to the toilet before you left the house but you didn’t and now you have to deal with the trauma and the sweat that is now trickling down your back. You finally get to the toilet and altogether now, ‘aaaahh.’