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20th Oct 2013

The Six on Sunday – Our Favourite Stories This Week

Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week.

Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy!


Grace’s Choice: 

Grace says: For the last number of weeks we’ve seen grown women in the music industry embroiled in public spats. As the weeks go by female singers seem to be wearing less and less clothing. And as each new video is released, I can’t help but think it’s becoming a competition amongst female stars, as to who can make the most provocatively shocking video.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, women like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are continually letting the side down.

My favourite story this week is Charlotte Church’s powerful public lecture on how sexism in the music industry is destroying female sexuality.

Pass it on to your sister, friend, daughter, cousin, Church’s message is one that every woman should read.

Read the full story here.


Michelle’s Choice: Tesco Talks Back

Michelle says: I just love it when companies put a bit of personality and fun back into their social media accounts. Tesco mobile have done it in style this week, with an epic comeback to a smartass comment. It’s not the first time either – their rap battle with O2 was priceless. It’s almost enough to make me want to switch networks.

Read the full story here.

Sue’s Choice: 

Sue says: My favourite story from this week is the new poster campaign from Amnesty International. The charity discovered that people identify more with situations that are happening in their areas, and so placed posters of issues they are dealing with worldwide against the backdrop of the local area. The poster campaign really hits home and is creating an incredible awareness of what is happening around the world.

Read the full story here.


Rebecca’s Choice: Moving on up (and out)

Rebecca says: This piece just allowed me to vent my recent frustrations about moving house. I think you forget how much of a pain it is until you have to do it and finding a place isn’t the hardest part at all. It took me months to sort out insurance and there was also trouble with switching over the electricity account and television licence. Let’s just say next time I’ll have the chocolate stash fully stocked!

Read the full story here.


Úna’s Choice: Welcome to the Aperture

Úna says: I was so excited to see this short fan film based on the brilliant video game Portal. Full of beautiful visual effects, and full of suspence, the budget short really brings out some of the key elements of the game. GLaDOS looks particularly cool! Here’s hoping that Hollywood spots it and makes it into a full feature film.

Read the full story here.


Cathy’s Choice: 13 Reasons Why Mrs Doubtfire Is Your Favourite Film

Cathy says: I adored this film growing up and it’s still a complete classic. I still split my sides laughing when I see it even now and I think it will always be the same, no matter how old it or I get!

Read the full story here.