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28th Nov 2016

60% of Irish parents admit that this one thing is what really influences the gifts their children recieve

Nope it’s not money

So this makes me a lot less concerned about my future ability as a parent.

I have often wondered when the point in life would occur that I would stop feeling like a child and started adulting. Doing adult things. Liking adult foods and outings and not wanting a happy meal and a playstation.

Well thankfully, it turns out I don’t have to as a new survey has shown  that the majority of “adults” and parents are just giant children.

And more excitingly, most of these adults, realise their own whims and wants vicariously through their offspring.


The survey found that 60% of Irish parents admit that picking presents for their children has been influenced by their personal preference and what they actually want! It seems it’s a time for parents to awake their inner child with over half of respondents (53%) say that present shopping for children is the most enjoyable Christmas outing.

The survey, commissioned by One4all Gift Card also discovered that in general, Christmas 2k17 is shaping up very well for people.

The survey finds that 8 in 10 adults in Ireland feel happier at Christmas time than at any other time of year. Spending time with family and friends is top of the Christmas list when it comes to what makes people happiest during the holidays followed by time off work/school and decorating the Christmas tree.

Christmas Eve is actually when adults in Ireland feel at their happiest followed by Christmas Day, and St. Stephen’s Day.