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23rd Apr 2019

4 deadly flight deals if you want to head away for the May bank holiday

Olivia Hayes

We’re totally over the four-day bank holiday, right?

Nearly? Just about? Not at all?

Yeah, we feel you.

If you weren’t working (sorry to those of you who were), it was four days of blissful sunshine and we honestly couldn’t get enough of it.

But now it’s over, we’re hating life and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. If you need a total cheer up to get over the post-bank holiday blues, you should check out a few things to do here, but if you’re still feeling a bit down then maybe booking a holiday is your best bet.

Because, why the hell not?

Image result for click fingers gif

Yep, Skyscanner has come up with 4 great deals to hop on right now if you really want to make the next bank holiday one to remember.

Take your pick:

The May bank holiday is less than two weeks away so you might as well treat yo’self and get on these deals ASAP.

Prices correct at time of publication, and are subject to change and availability.