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18th Aug 2015

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lidl

Lidl is celebrating 15 years in Ireland today.

Rebecca McKnight

How time flies when you’re drinking bargain Prosecco and eating delicious German chocolates!

Today, Lidl celebrates 15 years of business in Ireland. It now boasts 143 stores in key cities and towns across the country and directly employs 3,200 people.

To mark its 15 years, Lidl has 15 surprise facts about Irish shoppers, including:

  • In 2014, 3 times more people passed through Lidl’s doors than passed through Dublin Airport
  • South Dublin is the most romantic place in Ireland with Pottery Road and Rathfarnham selling 15,000 bunches of roses between them annually.
  • Every year Lidl sells 15 million litres of Carrick Glen Still Irish Spring Water. That’s enough to fill 6 Olympic size swimming pools.
  • Lidl customers prefer coffee to tea with half a million jars of Bellarom Gold Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee sold each year.


  • Irish people have a bit of a sweet tooth – every year 2,800 tonnes of Belbake Granulated Sugar is sold. That’s 235 Dublin busses.
  • The most popular item in the Lidl fresh bakery is the Small White Roll with almost 8 million sold in 2014.
  • Full fat is best. In Ireland, Lidl sells double the amount of full fat milk compared to other low fat or skimmed options.
  • Lidl sells 3 times more whole chickens every year than there are people living in Dublin.
  • Moore Street is the sauciest store in Ireland having sold almost 18,000 bottles of tomato ketchup in 2014.


  • Lidl sells enough flour and eggs every year to make 17 million servings of pancakes.
  • Lidl sells so much Luxury Toilet Tissue each year that it can wrap around the circumference of the earth……..9 times
  • Lidl Swords sells 3 times more baby food than the country average. There must be something in the water.
  • Ireland is a nation of dog lovers – dog food outsells cat food by almost 70%.
  • We must be a nation of givers as the highest selling promotional item of 2014 was gift paper.
  • We are becoming a healthier nation – Lidl sells 2.5 times more healthy cereals (oats, muesli etc.) than sugary cereals.

On a day like today there’s really only one thing for it…