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11th Jun 2015

12 Things… We’d Rather Do Online

And it loves you right back


The internet is a very weird and wonderful place. From quizzes to help us find out what type of biscuit we are, to tutorials on how to become friends with your Furby*, there’s very little that can’t be achieved on the internet. Achieved much faster and more efficiently than in the real world. 

In short, the internet is totally awesome. Here are twelve things we know we’d rather do online.

*No word of a lie. You can find that out here.

1. Find out which Disney princess we are

We’re not even sure how we’d go about finding this out in the real world. What a huge waste of time that would be.


2. Do some casually stalking 

This one speaks for itself. We all engage in a healthy dose of online stalking every once in awhile. Far less creepy than doing it in real life. Sort of.


3. Get answers to the big questions

What happened to the dinosaurs? Did the people in all of those black and white pictures live in black and white? When you’ve got a big question that needs answering, there’s only one place to turn. And that place is the internet. Here’s a brief insight into the type of issues Irish people are pondering at the moment…

is there a jpeg

4. Date

Who could be bothered to meet and greet people in person? Not us. Instead find out if he’s the kind of fella who’d take you abseiling on a first date, or the lad who uses words like ‘moist’ to describe before you put your Spanx on for him.

tinder gif upc

5. Buy lots of things

Spend time traipsing around shops when we can buy everything we could ever possibly want from the comfort of our beds? We don’t think so. We can make an online purchase anytime, anywhere. Wearing or eating whatever we like. End of.


6. Get pizza delivered

Every once in a while a gal wants a pizza delivered to her door. A very large pizza. And possibly a portion of cookies. That said, she doesn’t see why she would have to speak to anyone about this desire. That’s just crazy talk. Enter, the internet.

did someone say pizza

7. Find out stuff we should already know

Maybe we’re not entirely sure what’s going on with fracking or Ebola, and we wouldn’t be too happy about being asked to locate Kazakhstan on a map. But that’s fine. Nobody had ever need know that we don’t have all of this information in our heads. That’s what the internet is for.


8. Watch TV

Wait a whole week to watch the next episode of our favourite TV show? At a time not of our choosing? Is that a joke?


9. Interact with other humans

When all is said and done, you know it’s just easier to send a Facebook message.

god give me patience gif

10. Diagnose our illnesses

Fork out out €60 to have a GP tell us what’s wrong with us? Google can provide us with all the gory details for free. All we have to do is ask.


11. Bank

We’d much rather see how poor we are from the comfort of our own home, thank you very much.

i want my money, i have to buy wine

12. Learn a new skill

Why pay for a class when you’ve got the internet at your fingertips? Whether it’s knitting, speaking French or perfecting our guitar skills, the internet can deliver the goods. And that, friends, is pretty awesome.

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