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20th Jun 2013

12 Life Lessons We Learned from Tony Soprano

We are soldiers…

Rebecca McKnight

One of the greatest actors of his generation, James Gandolfini, passed away last night at the young age of 51. To his many fans, he’ll live on through his most famous characters, and characters don’t come much bigger than Tony Soprano. Here’s a look at 12 life lessons we’ve all learned from the Mafia boss, as played by the late, great Gandolfini. 



1) Stop living in the past


2) You need to learn to rely on yourself



3) It’s tough at the top



4) Be prepared


5) You get what you give


6) Second chances are hard to come by



7) Think big


8) Know when to give up



9) Don’t follow the pack


10) There’s always hope


11) Stand over your feelings


12) Act now