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24th Dec 2013

10,000 Carolers Turn Up To Grant The Wish Of A Terminally Ill Eight Year Old

Our hearts go out to Laney and her family

Delaney “Laney” Brown of West Reading, Pa. was diagnosed with acute myleoid leukemia in May and her condition has steadily worsened in the last few months.

On December 17, the family was told Laney only had weeks to live.

Laney’s birthday fell on December 20 so her family turned to the Team Laney Facebook page, which has over 94,000 followers, to ask for help with granting her wishes.

Meeting Taylor Swift and listening to Christmas carols were two requests high on this little girl’s list.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in and arranged a video call with Swift on Laney’s birthday.

Then the next day, thousands of followers showed up under her home to fulfill her second wish.


Laney’s story has been followed by so many people who turned up to sing, showing their support

Almost 10,000 carolers turned up at Laney’s house on Saturday 21st at 7pm, to sing outside so she could hear them from her bed.

They sang Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Joy to the World and even a belated Happy Birthday according to the Reading Eagle.

“A lot of people don’t even know her but through social media have been able to give her this wish. Unfortunately, this could be her last Christmas and everyone wanted to make it special for her,” Deb Redcay,one of Laney’s many supporters told the news station.