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24th Jul 2012

10 Things We Hate About Irish Men

Last week we brought you the 10 reasons why we love Irish men. This week we're bringing you the 10 things we hate about them.


Irish lads – for the most part they’re wonderful, but sometimes. Well…sometimes they can be a bit head-wrecking (we’re not going to lie).

Last week we brought you the 10 reasons why we love Irish men. This article provoked such a response from the women of Ireland that we felt it was fitting to write another one – only this time, we’re outlining the things we hate about them.

Ladies, you took to Facebook and Twitter and you shared with us the things about Irish lads that irritate you the most.

Here are the top 10 things we hate about Irish men…

10. Their dress sense: They look grand most of the time, but this is usually because we’re around to help them out and point them in the right direction when it comes to matching shirts with jeans. Let an Irish man loose in his wardrobe unsupervised and the results can be tragic. Ladies, we have two words for you: Brown. Shoes. Shudder.

9. The way they act when they have a cold: Having a cold isn’t nice, but unlike the typical Irish man, we understand that it won’t actually kill us. When an Irish man has a cold, he takes to his sickbed for at least a week and moans constantly that he thinks it’s the flu.

Miraculously, he’s perfectly well enough to play X-box with the lads if they stop by, but aside from that, he’s miserable, annoying and expects you to drop everything and take care of him.

8. Irish Mammies: His mother is a saint and God bless her, she did a great job raising him but unfortunately for you, he has grown accustomed to being absolutely spoiled by the women in his life.

When an Irish man leaves the family home and embarks upon an adult existence, he will automatically expect you to pick up where his mammy left off – in terms of cooking, cleaning and generally pampering him to within an inch of his life.  

Irish mammies are great, but they do TOO good of a job, damn them!

7. They are boring in bed: An Irish man has a routine and he sticks to it. Enough said.

6. They put ‘the lads’ before everything else:  Okay, we will say that we admire the loyalty that an Irish man has to his group of friends, although occasionally we question if it is normal – because let’s face it girls, it goes beyond harmless bromance.

Irish men are hard-core when it comes to friendship. They will put their friends before everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary or if you’re just about to give birth to his first child. If one of his friends needs him, you can just forget it.

5. They have farmer tans: It’s not hot, it’s not sexy and to be honest? It kind of freaks us out when you have tanned arms and a blindingly-white torso. It’s just weird.

4. They plan their lives around GAA matches: He can’t take you out for dinner because his county is playing. He can’t take you out next weekend either, because his county isn’t playing but there’s a junior quarter final on that he simply can’t miss. Oh and, you may as well forget going out for your birthday because somewhere in Ireland, a hurling match will be taking place and he NEEDS to watch it.

3. Guinness farts: You’re in a nightclub, you’re having a laugh with your friends and dancing up a storm. Then you smell it. Such a stench is instantly recognisable and you just know that there’s an Irish man nearby. Yes ladies, we’re talking about the dreaded, stomach-churning Guinness fart.

He’ll dance up beside you, let rip, then disappear into the crowds so you can’t blame him. Silent but deadly. Charming, right?

2. They never use sun cream: Despite your best efforts to warn him about the dangers of skin cancer, he will still go out into the sun without any kind of sun protection on him.

He will then bitch and moan for the next two weeks about his sun burn. He’ll also probably make you peel all the dead skin off his back. Awesome.

1. They can’t dance: Okay so we love this, but we also despise it with a fiery passion at the same time. An Irish man attempting to woo you in a nightclub by dancing badly is oddly attractive.

Your boyfriend dancing badly in a nightclub is just plain embarrassing – especially when he starts shouting at you to join him. Oh and when he comes over and literally drags you up onto the dance floor, just to make sure that everyone knows he’s with you.