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31st Jul 2012

10 Things Men Do That Women Don’t Understand

A couple of weeks ago we did a piece on things women do that men don't understand and now we're looking at the things men do that women don't understand.

So we have already been through the ten things that women need to do that men don’t understand.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. In other words it’s time to look at the things that men do that women don’t understand.

First thing first, women aren’t perfect. We know that. But the point is that men aren’t as easy to figure out as they think they are.

Here it goes…

1. Leave the toilet seat up

What benefit does leaving the toilet seat up have? Seriously, if there is one we would certainly like to know about it because we can think of plenty reasons as to why it should be put down. Firstly it’s a sign of good manners. Secondly, it is said that when a toilet is flushed the germs can travel up to four metres. Therefore by keeping the seat down you are preventing germs from getting all over the bathroom including on toothbrushes. Thirdly it just makes the toilet and bathroom look complete and tidy.

2. Think they are better drivers

So what if there is research that says that men are better at parking a car. There is also research that says men tend to have more accidents. Now we’ll admit it depends on the individual but there is a tendency among men to argue that they are better at driving. Call us hypocrites but we just don’t get how they can still think this.

3. Look in a drawer but don’t really look

Ladies you have to know what we’re talking about. You know when he’s looking for something and you ask him ‘Did you check that drawer?’ And he replies ‘Yes, it’s not in there.’ Then you go over and look in the very same drawer and there it is. Now you may have had to move a few things to get your hands on it but still the so-called ‘lost’ item is right there. Don’t get it.

4. Talk over soaps

Okay so soaps are fictional, exaggerated and not all that important in the grand scheme of things. In fact they’re really not important in the grand scheme of things. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to hear what’s going on in them or what Sally Webster is saying. Besides you also know that, with the complicated plots some of them have, if you miss one line you may as well not watch the programme for the rest of the year! If it was a football match you wouldn’t be allowed to utter a syllable so why does it change when it’s Eastenders?

5. Hate romantic comedies

It’s not like it’s an all-female cast, it’s not funny and it doesn’t have any nudity in it. Quite the opposite actually. Most romcoms have a male lead and male support, have hilarious one-liners and anecdotes, and often show at least one part of the female body. They are perfect for all. Even still, and despite films like The Proposal and 40 Year Old Virgin, there is a stigma attached to the romantic comedy that deems it rubbish in the male mind.

6. Talk about boobs

We have them. They’re not that great. They don’t do anything really. Thus we don’t get the obsession with the two mounds known as boobs. Nor do we get the need for men to talk about boobs at every opportunity and identify women according to the size of theirs. You know what, there’s just no point of even discussing this one further because we don’t even want to understand it.

7. Wear too much aftershave/deodorant

Seriously there needs to be some sort of legal limit on the amount of aftershave or deodorant one man can wear. It’s getting bad when you’re walking down the street and suddenly you find it hard to breathe. Or you’re sitting on the bus and have to move because you can no longer breathe. Besides it’s not like it adds to their appeal. In fact it seriously detracts from it. We would never consider dating a man who we could smell before he walks into the room. It may well be Lynx but it’s not cool.

8. Go to the toilet anywhere

Maybe this one comes down to the fact that they have a certain utensil that we don’t but the ability to go to the toilet anywhere regardless of the cleanliness of that toilet is something we just can’t get our heads around. Now that we think about it, it actually comes down to us being jealous that men can go while we have to hold it in until a cleaner, nicer-smelling toilet comes along.

9. Only like shopping when it’s for them

There is no denying that men, in general, dislike shopping of any kind. Except of course when they need or want something. Then it’s a whole other story. There may well be nothing for dinner but that’s not going to bring him down to the shops. As soon as he needs a new pair of shoes the shops are the first place you have to go. Then again, if men did enjoy shopping as much as we do we’d never get to hang around with our girlfriends. Alright, we’ll let this one slide although we still don’t really get it.

10. Freak out about female things

For years the female body has been around. Which means that for years periods have also been around. But that little fact doesn’t stop the time of the month evoking a ‘I don’t need to know that’ reaction in your other half. And while it’s not exactly our favourite thing in the world it is a natural process that we reckon men should at least want to know about. After all, it’s not like an alien pops out and threatens to take over the world. It’s just a period. It’s not a big deal.

So the next time your man does one of these things, remember that you’re not the only woman who doesn’t really get it. Also remember that it’s the male way and as long as he doesn’t pass comment on the things you do that he doesn’t understand, you’ll return the favour.