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30th Jul 2013

10 Things Irish Girls Do On Holidays That We Promise Ourselves We Won’t

"This is the last boarding call for passengers…"


Irish lassies love a good summer holiday, and the majority of us gear our year around taking a wee trip off the emerald isle.

Last year you partied too hard, missed the sites and swore that you’d never do it again… who were you kidding?

Here are the 10 promises Irish girls make before heading off on our holidays… wishful thinking ladies, wishful thinking. 


1. “I’m definitely going to be a beach babe this summer…”

Your intentions were good. You purchased the bikini well in advanced, and the ‘beach bod’ diet began 6weeks ago…

So that’s why you spend your entire holiday with a baggy t-shirt on over you bikini to cover up.


2. “I’ll sunbathe everyday…”

Who were you kidding? You’re venturing back in from the night before when all the deck chairs are being occupied by the over eager German hotel guests, who have their towels out claiming sun lounger territory every morning from 6am… while you stroll out looking for one around 3 in the afternoon.


3. Girls trip around Europe…

We’ll have a great trip around Europe, see all the sites, take-in the different cultures… and fall out on the first week.


4. GAA jersey… like a moth to a flame.

You spot a group of lads in a bar; one is wearing a Kerry jersey, the other a Dublin and like a moth to a flame you are immediately attracted to them.

Then you pair up with them every night for the remainder of the holiday, resulting in one or two holiday flings… ‘Summer lovin’ had me a blast…’


5. Saving for the ‘Big Holiday’ around the world.


You blow the budget before you’ve booked the connection flights from Thailand to Australia and end up home a few weeks later.


6. The inevitable phone call home.

We promise ourselves we won’t do it, but we go on ahead and do it anyway… the inevitable phone call home on the fifth day because we’ve ran out of money. It has happened to us all.


7. “I really like it here…”


So much so you have yourself a job secured in the Irish bar you’ve spent every night in since you arrived.


8. Reptile Skin…

You insisted on getting that spray tan done before leaving so that you’d feel comfortable in the baggy t-shirt over the bikini.

You even bought tan to top-up, but the beauty routine went out the window on the second day and by the end of the week you’re left looking like you’re suffering from sort of skin disorder.


9. “I’m going to take it easy. I’ll not be out every night”

Go out every night. Come home at sunrise, get back up at sunset… 


10. “This is the last boarding call for passengers…”


Whether it is at the beginning of the trip or at the end for the cure… we’re suckers for an alcoholic beverage while waiting at the airport.

And many of us have missed flights because of it… ‘Isn’t that our plane?”


It’ll be different next year…