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25th May 2016

10 mouthwatering shots of Ireland’s favourite fish and chips

For the day that's in it

One of the highlights of the Irish foodie calendar. 

Today marks the 7th annual ITICA (Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association) National Fish and Chip Day.

All ITICA members throughout Ireland will offer their customers half-price fish and chips to celebrate the 130-year-old tradition.

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In honour of this joyous occasion, here are ten mouthwatering shots of some of the best fish and chips in the country.

Happy scrolling drooling!

Jackie Lennox’s Fish Shop, Cork

McDonagh’s, Galway

#HangoverCure Fish and Chips from #McDonaghs in #Galway #Christmas #Gigs #Lead to #Pints

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Reel Dingle Fish, Kerry

Just had the #1 fish and chips on the Emerald Isle. #reeldinglefish #fishandchips #food #ireland

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Leo Burdock Fish and Chips, Dublin

The Saltee Chipper, Wexford

Fiorenti’s, Derry

Proper chips #fishnchips #chips #instafood #tea #retro #breadandbutter

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Wharton’s Fish and Chips, Kenmare

Donkey Fords, Limerick

Beshoff’s, Dublin

Chish and Fips. Co. Cork

Find your nearest participating chip shop here.

*Makes a beeline for Beshoff’s on Dame Street*