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02nd Mar 2015

Workout Of The Week: Introducing Interval Training For Guaranteed Weight Loss

The workout guaranteed to keep you trim without boring you on the treadmill.


A New Year dawned, and in the quest for a new you, you might have joined a gym or signed yourself up for a body overhaul.

Whether you want to up your at-home fitness, or get to know how you can use the gym machines for body conditioning, we plan to bring you a small step towards a fitter, leaner and happier you.

This Week…. we’re showing you how to use the cardio machines for a beginner’s interval training workout.

It can be tempting when you first join the gym to jump on a treadmill for 30 minutes for a cardio workout.

We headed down to FLYEfit gym on Macken Street, Dublin where we were guided through the three cardio machines you need for an interval workout.

Rather than getting stuck in a workout rut, Greta brings us through how to introduce interval training to our routines.

As well as combining low and high intensity machines to avoid injury, here we show you how to shake up a day in the gym for the best results and to burn the most fat (which, let’s face it, can never hurt).

So to tone up and feel the full benefit, check out our Greta’s top tips here…

FLYEfit is a chain of low-cost 24/7 self-service supergyms with no contract. Gym membership costs just €29 per month. For more information click here.