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26th Sep 2016

Why the glow from your mobile phone is so bad for your skin

A "patchy" service...


Many of us accept that our addiction to our phones isn’t great.

Aside from the health risks still being debated, constantly having your mobile glued to your ear/hand has the potential to turn us all into concentration-challenged zombies.

Now there’s another health concern to be aware of – your phone could be wrecking your skin.

Refinery29 has highlighted the risk of Melasma, a form of hyper-pigmentation caused by the light emitted from your phone that shows up as brown or grey patches on the skin.


Sun exposure and hormonal changes (usually associated with pregnancy) are traditionally the main causes of Melasma, but new research indicates “that all light is suspect, from light bulbs…to the screen on your phone and computer.”

“In the last decade we have realised that sun and the birth control pill are not the only melasma culprits,” dermatologist Mona Gohara told Refinery29. “Research has shown that the visible light from computers, cell phones, and light bulbs can be sources, as well. That’s why sometimes patients don’t get better with just standard sunscreen — the other sources continue to tax the skin.”

However, there are things you can do to protect your skin. Dr Gohara says iron oxide is the best defence against light damage – and that if you’re really concerned, then look out for sunscreens and moisturisers that contain the ingredient.