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14th Dec 2012

Weight Watchers Week Five: After Weigh-In

This week, girls Amy and Patricia are celebrating reaching a milestone, losing some more weight and looking forward to Christmas.

They’re nearly halfway through their Weight Watchers challenge and this week, girls Amy and Patricia are celebrating, gearing up for a special occasion and making a plan for a ProPoints friendly Christmas.

They’ve been doing great and between the two of them, the girls have already lost over a stone! Here the girls are giving you an in depth look at just what it’s really like to live your life on the Weight Watchers plan.  

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Name: Amy Wall

Meeting: Carmelite Community Centre Whitefriar, 56 Auinger St., Dublin, Dublin 2

Starting Weight: 11 stone 9lbs

Current Weight: 11 stone

Weigh-in this week marked a personal milestone – I got my first Silver Seven. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Weight Watchers, a Silver Seven is a sticker that you get when you lose half a stone. Can I just say that I am absolutely delighted!

I’m not exactly sure how it happened really. I didn’t do anything extra or out of the ordinary, but I somehow lost another 4lbs this week! Honestly. I was still eating the same, still tracking my ProPoints but aside from that nothing was different. If I’m honest I even probably went over my daily ProPoints allowance once or twice (but I did have weekly ProPoints to use!).

I’ve been on the Weight Watchers programme for five weeks now and in that time I’ve lost a whopping 9lbs! It’s been, well, relatively easy for the most part. I’m still eating the food that I want to eat, I’m just making smarter choices. I firmly believe that Weight Watchers isn’t a diet, it’s simply a re-education. It simply teaches you how to eat well and make the choices that will benefit your health.

I’ll admit that I’m a little bit worried about how I’ll fare over the weekend. It’s my birthday and, as such, cake, a fancy meal and a cheeky little bit of alcohol will be consumed (I’m not going to lie). 

However, I am going to plan for the occasion to the best of my ability. I won’t be depriving myself but I will be trying to make a few smart choices.

My goal for next week’s weigh in (taking my birthday into account) is to simply stay the same weight. It will be a hectic weekend and by setting that goal for myself, I won’t be disappointed if I don’t shed any extra weight. This is a tip that Mary, my leader, gave to me and I think it’s a good one for when you have a social event planned. This way I’ll be happy if I stay the same and if I do manage to lose a little bit more, it’ll be a plus! 


Name: Patricia Murphy

Meeting: Carmelite Community Centre, Whitefriar, 56. Aungier St. Dublin, Dublin 2

Starting Weight: 14 stone 11lbs

Current weight: 14 stone 5.5lbs


I was really worried about braving the scales this week as I felt I over indulged a little bit but I was down another pound. I couldn’t make my lunchtime meeting yesterday so I went to an evening one instead. It’s great how you can drop into any meeting depending on your day or where you are.

After my weigh-in I jetted to the O2 to see Florence and The Machine and although I indulged in two bottles of beer I definitely earned some Activity ProPoints dancing. I made sure to slip on my pedometer in the morning to rack up my steps by the end of the night.

This week I was beginning to become bored with the same meals I have been cooking since week one so I have been browsing through my Cooking For Two Weight Watchers books for some inspiration and I found some lovely recipes which I am going to try this week. I was craving something sweet this week so on Monday I stewed up the apples at the bottom of my fridge, toasted some porridge oats with cinnamon and topped with a little bit of yoghurt. It was delicious and it really satisfied me. With regards to tea, I have switched to herbal for the most part. I love Barry’s new range and during winter it’s nice to have a hot drink. I love milk so I would rather have a glass with my dinner than in tea throughout the day. The Barry’s teas are so delicious I don’t even miss the traditional cuppa!

Although Mary said tracking is especially important in the lead up to Christmas I haven’t been the most diligent where the tracker is concerned this week.

I really want to drop a few more pounds before Christmas week so I’m going to concentrate on writing everything down and hopefully next week will be another loss.

At the beginning of this ProPoints Programme Mary advised us to aim for a pound per week and I have lost 5 ½ pounds. I am hoping to exceed the goal next week and I’m looking forward to happy and ProPoints conscious Christmas! 

Do you want to join Amy and Trisha? Find your nearest Weight Watchers classes here.