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04th Jan 2013

Weight Watchers Week 7: After Weigh-In

Find out how girls Amy and Patricia got on with the Weight Watchers programme over Christmas... girls Amy and Patricia made it through the festive season and are back to reveal how they got on during a holiday that is synonymous with delicious food and enjoying the mince pies a little too much!

This week the girls are talking about unexpected surprises, why tracking is a major benefit when you’re trying to lose weight and how they’ve been inspired to kick things up a notch for the New Year.

Twice a week, Amy and Patricia will be giving an in depth look at what it’s really like to live life while following the Weight Watchers plan. To keep up to date with the girls’ journey, make sure you check out their previous diary entry by clicking here.


Name: Amy Wall

Meeting: Carmelite Community Centre Whitefriar, 56 Auinger St., Dublin, Dublin 2

Starting Weight: 11 stone 9lbs

Current Weight: 10 stone 13lbs

I will be honest and tell you now that I wasn’t expecting to lose weight this week. Actually, I was fully expecting Mary to turn around and tell me that I had gained back at least half a stone, so you can understand why I was a little shell-shocked when she told me I had lost two pounds.

And so we come to the age old question: how did I do it? I’m not sure really. Yes, I tried to eat as normally as possible in the run up to Christmas but once Christmas Eve arrived, the odd sweet and slice of cake started to filter into my diet.

I had kept all of my weekly ProPoints for Christmas Day so I had a dinner just like everyone else. I had some chocolate, I had some sweets. I did make a few small changes though. I volunteered to make vegetable soup for the starters (which is virtually free of ProPoints) and I made the dessert myself.

Oh and instead of devouring a tube of Pringles like I normally would, I bought a box of Special K crackers. They kept me happy and meant that I didn’t do as much damage when it came to my ProPoints.

For the rest of the week, I’m not sure what to tell you. Yes, I kept an eye on what I was eating but I by no means deprived myself – in fact, more times than not my willpower faltered and I found myself face-down in a tin of Cadbury’s Roses (I’m only human!).

If anything, I think that Christmas really proved to me just how much the Weight Watchers plan has changed my thinking. Not once did I feel deprived – I still enjoyed myself and had what I wanted, I just made a few smarter choices.

Since starting the Weight Watchers programme I’ve lost 10lbs. Seeing a minus on the scales this week has boosted my morale and gotten me into a motivated mindset for the coming weeks. I hope 2013 will bring more losses and more healthy choices as the weeks go on!



Name: Patricia Murphy

Meeting: Carmelite Community Centre, Whitefriar, 56. Aungier St. Dublin, Dublin 2

Starting Weight: 14 stone 11lbs

Current weight: 14 stone 4lbs


Facing the scales is terrifying after all the tipples, chocolates and leftover ham that Christmas brought but I really wanted to get 2013 off to a good start and that meant heading to Weight Watchers. Although I didn’t lose anything over the holidays, I didn’t gain anything either so I am happy to pick up where I left off and throw myself into the ProPoints programme again.

December was a month of challenges but January is the time when friends don’t want to meet for a drink, nobody wants to step foot in a restaurant and the world wants to pound the pavement in their sparkling new runners and that is okay with me!

The tins of Roses, the mince pies and the scrumptious leftovers are finally demolished and although I enjoyed myself, I’m glad to see the back of all the food.

This week’s class was about making a fresh start with the ProPoints plan and instead of making a million resolutions I’ll never keep, I’ll make a promise to myself to hit the scales whether I’ve had a good or a bold week in 2013. Maybe next Christmas finding something fabulous to wear for New Year’s Eve will be that bit easier.

During Christmas time, I made delicious stock with my turkey and ham bones and froze it and I think it will be the perfect addition to some delicious butternut squash and tomato soups in the coming weeks. I am really looking forward to getting back to normal and I have planned out my meals and stocked the fridge accordingly (there’s not a chocolate in sight).

If you haven’t been brave enough to face the scales this week make it a priority to go next time because the Christmas indulgence can’t last until next Christmas! We’re all in the same boat at the end of the day and whether you’re up or down after the holiday the important thing is to get back on track.

Do you want to join Amy and Trisha? Find your nearest Weight Watchers classes here.