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22nd Mar 2013

Weight Watchers Challenge: Week 5

This week Karen and Mark are talking about dealing with smaller losses, the importance of exercise and looking forward to reaching milestones.

Earlier this month we put out a call for an adventurous couple who wanted to make a healthy lifestyle change together.

Karen and Mark answered that call and, over the next twelve weeks, they’ll be giving us an honest, in-depth account about what life is like when you’re on the Weight Watchers plan. They’ll also be helping and supporting each other along the way.

This week Karen and Mark are talking about the importance of exercise, dealing with smaller losses and looking forward to reaching milestones in their weightloss journey.

Mark and Karen have taken up the Weight Watchers challenge!


Name: Mark

Starting Weight: 14st 5lbs

Current Weight: 13st 2.5lbs

This week I had my fourth Weight Watchers weigh-in. I wasn’t expecting good numbers, mainly because I had a very hetic St Patrick’s Day weekend (and an accompanying two-day hangover!).

I went into class and according to the scales I was only down half a pound, which was a bit of a disappointment. At weigh-ins, you can’t stand on the scales in your socks for hygiene reasons. This week was the first time that I wore my motorbike boots to a weigh-in and according to my class leader, the boots would definitely affect my numbers because they’re so heavy.

Anyway, I decided to  give myself a bit of a boost by going for a jog. I actually ended up breaking a personal record! I ran from the leisure plex in Stillorgan to the coast and behind the Pigeon Towers. I then ran over to the Poolbeg light house and all the way back home. The distance I covered was about 17.5km so I was thrilled. That smashed my previous best running distance by about 5km.

On top of this, I ran a race on the Saturday before Paddy’s Day which was 8.5km long. Karen did it with me and she’s also signed up for the next race, so that’s great news.

Other than posting a low weightloss number this week, the Weight Watchers programme has being going well. The classes are very well run and the group is very supportive.

The one thing that I miss the most is my normal white bread but aside from that my sweet tooth has been manageable so far – I have a Curly Wurly or some of the Weight Watchers chocolate digestive biscuits, which are great with a cup of tea.

My goal this week is to have dropped around 3 pounds by the time my next weigh-in comes around. This will be a tough figure to get to I think but once I do it, I’ll have reached my goal weight and will be put on the Weight Watchers maintenance programme. The maintenance programme means that I get to eat a few more ProPoints every day.

I don’t really know too much about what the maintenance programme will involve aside from that but I’m hoping that I’ll find out when I hit my target at my next weigh-in!


Name: Karen

Starting Weight: 12st 8.5lbs

Current Weight: 11st 11lbs

Another week and another set of new challenges! This one came in the form of Paddy’s day, a big night out and a Bank Holiday weekend.

The week started well. I ate normally and went to the gym a couple of times. I did go over my ProPoints  limit on one of the nights – I just couldn’t seem to curb my sweet cravings that day and wanted any form of sweets I could get my hands on. I made up for it by doing one lap of the run that Mark did on Saturday. It was 4.25k and was really tough for me. I made it though and I’ve since signed up to do one lap of the next one with him which is 5.2k.

Sunday was a disaster. I started off well by heading to the gym. I had planned on eating noodles and soup when I came home. It turns out that chicken wings and chips sounded like a much better option! Then I went out for the night – I didn’t count how many drinks or ProPoints I had. I just wrote the day off.

Unfortunately, I spent the next two days feeling sorry for myself which resulted in no exercise and starchy and sweet foods, although I managed to stay within my ProPoints limit for both of those days.

I was prepared for bad news at my weigh-in on Wednesday evening but I somehow managed to lose 2.5lbs again (this must be my magic number!). Mary, my leader, saw how shocked I was and said it was because I was more aware of when I had indulged too much and just what I was eating. I guess when I know I am going to overdo it, making up for it in the gym for an hour is worth it!

Our class this week was about Easter and chocolate. I can’t face not having an Easter egg, so I have no idea what choices I am going to make this time next week. I’m just going to focus on having a really good week this week because I’m only 2.5 pounds (my magic number!) off hitting the stone mark and I’d really like to hit that over the next two weeks!

Do you want to join Karen and Mark? Find your nearest Weight Watchers classes here.