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08th Sep 2020

Want to boost your immune health? The Naked Collective’s new Mude drinks are the liquid equivalent to Super Foods

Brought to you by The Naked Collective

We are OBSESSED with these.

Our new favourite Irish start-up has introduced their super healthy, super sustainable new beverage range called, very aptly, Mude.

As you may have guessed (or not, no judgement), these drinks are seltzers based around you and your moods. They have a different version of the drink for pretty much whatever you’re doing, being it working, sleeping, relaxing, working out, or just going about your day as usual.

As well as that though, they’re just an all-round great product. We’ve been trying to improve ourselves both personally and socially — we’ve been trying to live more sustainably, to eat healthier, and to live our lives with more consideration to the effect we’re having on the world and on ourselves. But, yeah, we’re not always very good at that because it’s so easy to just forget about being good for a little while.

That’s why we love products like Mude so much. They make it so easy to be good.


First of all, they are powered by a Naked Collective creation; SuperLiquid.

What is a SuperLiquid, you ask? Well, it’s a supercharged elixir loaded with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals, bound to the liquid for speedy absorption into your bloodstream. From energising B vitamins to immune system-supporting selenium.

For that boost

Mude drinks are designed to support you physically and mentally no matter what you’re doing, taking action within 20 minutes of consumption. They help us to be productive when we need to be and sleep when we want to — pretty much a godsend in our eyes.

The different types of Mude drink are ‘Work‘, for when you need that productivity hit, ‘Play‘, for when you’re working out or doing something high-energy, ‘Chill‘ for your relaxing times, ‘Sleep‘ for when you’re finding it difficult to get a bit of shut-eye, and our personal favourite ‘ImmunoBoost‘ to keep your immune system going strong 24/7.

You, like us, have probably been trying to stay healthy and keep your immune system in top shape the last few months. Of course, we can take all the precautions necessary, but we want to make sure our main line of defence – our own body – is in fighting shape. Mude ImmunoBoost is ideal for that.


The Naked Collective, creators of Mude, is an entirely vegan, sustainable, and carbon-neutral company. So you can sip on these knowing that not only are they good for you but they’re great for the environment too. The Naked Collective is all about staying clean and green so you can rest assured that anything they make will follow their commitment to the environment and their carbon-neutral ethos.

Great taste

The other thing about these seltzers and, tbh, most important considering you’ll be drinking them – they taste delicious. They’re vibrant and cool and refreshing, exactly what we’ve been looking for these summer months. You can choose between mixed berry, apple, elderflower, mango & grapefruit, or melon & raspberry. Like we said, the ideal drinks for summer.

And there is nothing artificial about those flavours. These drinks are all natural, baby. They’re made from plants, vitamins, water, and that’s it. No artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives, and their packaging is fully recyclable (of course!). We told you: they make it so easy to be good.

Mude will be popping up in your supermarkets and convenience stores very soon but you can get them delivered straight to your door right now by ordering from The Naked Collective website.

Oh, how we love things that make our lives better and easier.

Check out our interview with brand ambassador Nathalie Lennon below.

Brought to you by The Naked Collective