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20th Nov 2021

Viewers moved by powerful Late Late interview with Vicky Phelan

Sarah McKenna Barry

“I’d like my children to have memories of doing stuff with me and if I die sooner, so be it.”

Last night saw cervical cancer campaigner Vicky Phelan join Ryan Tubridy on the couch for the Late Late Show to give an update on her health.

Vicky spoke candidly about the future she’s facing, as well as her decision to stop chemotherapy and focus on quality of life.

After her first round of chemotherapy, Vicky said she couldn’t get out of bed for over 10 days.

She told Ryan: “I was sick, in pain, tired and going from one side effect to another and this is something people don’t talk about.”

She added: “The horrors of the treatment are often worse than the actual disease.

“I’d rather be well and have a shorter time frame. I’d like my children to have memories of doing stuff with me and if I die sooner, so be it.”

Vicky went on to say that four weeks ago, she didn’t think that she’d see Christmas.

“That’s how real this is for me,” she said. “At this stage, I’ve been fighting this terminal part of the disease since 2018.”

She continued: “I’ve always known this cancer is incurable. I’ve been very realistic about it.”

Vicky also spoke about the process of planning her own funeral, and joked: “I’m a control freak, no one will be planning anything without my say so.”

She told Ryan that she asked Steve and Joe Wall from The Stunning to perform, as well as The Blizzards.

Vicky said she wants a humanist ceremony with a “bit of colour”, as opposed to “doom and gloom”.

She also urged viewers to speak up when it comes to their own health.

“Know your body, and when you know your body, don’t be afraid to ask questions about it, and get another referral if you’re not happy.”

Viewers, meanwhile, took to Twitter to share how they were moved by Vicky’s words.

Niamh Fitzpatrick wrote: “I think @VickyPhelan is the best of humanity wrapped up in one person. Warm, loving, kind, courageous, determined, selfless, generous & utterly fierce.”

James Kavanagh tweeted: “Vicky Phelan is beyond amazing and inspiring. And so so hilarious, I could listen to her all day. Obsessed with her.”