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02nd Aug 2015

This Is Why You REALLY Shouldn’t Be Wearing Pyjamas In Bed…

Turning in for the night? Better read this first.

They might be our favourite item of clothing (who doesn’t love some fluffy PJ goodness?), but sleeping in pyjamas is actually bad for your health.

According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 92% of people globally go to bed in their jammies when they should really be sleeping naked.

So why should you nap in the nip?

Our bodies are designed to cool down while we sleep, but wearing pyjamas can keep us too warm – disrupting our sleep cycle.

Lack Of Winks A few nights out  on the trot or setting crazy-early alarm clocks for grabbing a parking space for your Christmas shop can mean sacrificing a good night’s rest. One too many of those nights can cause dark circles under your eyes and a dull complexion. Make sleep a priority. You’ll not only look better but it’ll lessen weight gain over the season too. If you find yourself sitting up at late o’clock watching a mind-numbingly boring film, just switch off the TV and get to bed.

The academy also found that those who sleep naked reaped the benefits when waking up.

As well as feeling sexy due to released hormones, it has also been proven to help with your diet and increase happiness levels.

Need one more reason to ditch the bed clothes?

Sleeping in the nip means you won’t wake up sweaty (we can’t guarantee you’ll stay that way)… so if you sleep through your alarm, you might just get away without a morning shower.