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16th Oct 2015

These Three Foods Can Help You Beat That Flatulence

Add these to your shopping list for added comfort.

We all go through ups and downs with our tummy health.

Eating greasy, fatty foods can take its toll on your tummy, resulting in gassy, bloated feeling.

We’ve all experienced that moment an awkward bodily noise slips out, but if it’s happening more often than not – chances are you need to take some steps to beat that flatulence.

Speaking to Women’s Health, Keri Gans, author of The Small Change Diet, suggests lining your tummy with these three foods to help you stop passing wind:

Grilled Chicken

It might not be the most exciting of meats, but packed with protein, grilled chicken can help ease digestion woes.

grilled chicken vegetables

Gans adds that the lack of fibre will help relieve a gassy, bloated feeling – but warns to keep your meat sauce free:

“As long as you don’t deck it out in fancy sauce or have it fried, which could make your stomach more upset than it already is, you’re good.”

Eat Some Eggs

It’s not just their versatility that makes them one of our favourite foods – eggs are easy on the stomach and quick to make.

A handy way to add some protein to your meals, Gans advises to opt for poached or boiled eggs to avoid adding extra butter, fat, cheese or oil. Hardened fats can upset a tummy, while cheese can be difficult to digest when bloated or gassy.


Baked Potato

If you’re constantly gassy, or feeling bloated, a basic baked potato can help keep your tummy calm while being easy to digest.

Gans explains:

“Baked potatoes have hardly any fat, so they’re super-easy to digest. They’re very soothing because they don’t take a lot of work for your body to break down.”


Try to avoid any spicy or fatty toppings that can irritate the gut.

Gans suggests a light mustard or mild salsa can be the perfect accompaniment, adding “your stomach will feel so much more settled.”

H/T Women’s Health