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10th Jul 2017

Superb food remedies for when you’re feeling under the weather

Feed a cold...

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Having a cold or a sore throat is clearly zero craic.

Winter brings not only extra layers, wooly socks, more hot cups of tea and an increase in heating bills – but also the dreaded sore throat. You know, the type of sore throat and symptoms that make us feel like staying in bed and pulling that legitimate sickie.

There’s definitely been a miserable old cold going around these last few weeks as plenty of us have ended up with the sniffles and endless coughing.  So we’re thinking what super easy options might we have to help rid ourselves of this plight?

Here are some of the most effective solutions within arm’s reach.


A good old warm and nourishing soup usually does just the trick. Not only will it soothe an achey throat but it’s also comforting and often full of nutritious veggies. Not to mention the immense amount of choice. Oh, where do we begin? There’s spinach, mushroom, fennel, tomato, butternut squash, potato and leek, miso, chicken… The choice is endless. And that immune system of yours will thank you for it. By the way, if you’re not one for soups, a veggie stew will be just as helpful.

Yogurt or ice cream

Although dairy isn’t always the best option for sore throats as it creates a lot of mucus (ew.)  – they can be just perfect for a raw or very dry cough. Cold yogurt or ice-cream will leave a cool soothing feeling over that tender throat.


As if it wasn’t a splendid breakfast option already! Porridge is filled with vitamins, zinc, fibre, protein, magnesium and antioxidants and is perfect for boosting our health and banishing that cold or flu. Yes, it can be a tad bland, but just add a little bit of honey and you’ll still reap all the benefits – but with that added touch of sweetness.


Speaking of honey… If you can manage to get your hands on a jar of honey or honeycomb that is from the same area or region you are, the health benefits can be huge. Bees from our locality make their own antibodies against environmental pollutants so their honey is fantastic. A tea-spoon of raw, local honey is not only delicious but full of goodness. You’ll be buzzing again in no time.

Gargle warm water and salt

Yes, it’s very old-school, but it works a charm. A small cup of warm water with a few pinches of added salt is such a natural way of cleaning without the danger of stinging a raw throat. Incredibly beneficial indeed – but it can taste yuck. Thankfully it’s quick and over rather speedily. Yippee! Gargle for a few seconds and then spit it out.

Lemon juice

Although lemon juice is acidic for our teeth, it’s very alkalising and cleansing for our bellies as well as for our throats. At least with this option you can gargle and drink it too. Although it’s a perfect refreshing drink for summer time there’s nothing wrong with warming this baby up to help fight those winter blues.

A good old spicy curry

It’s as if the spiciness scalds the cold away… miraculous really! Chillies not only add that extra heat to our dish but they’re fantastic for reducing sinus congestion and they’re a great source of vitamin A and E. You might want to check the sugar content if you’re getting a takeaway or purchasing from the supermarket as sugar is certainly not what that poor throat needs. Also, Thai curries often contain ginger which is absolutely superb for relieving pain and helping us to absorb all the goodness from our food.

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