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22nd Sep 2012

Scientists Believe that Chemicals in Marijuana Can Halt the Rapid Spread Of Aggressive Breast Cancer

The researchers said the drug could be beneficial to those suffering from cancer by halting the spread of aggressive tumours.

A chemical found in marijuana can halt the spread of aggressive cancer, a new study has revealed today.

Scientists in America revealed that the chemical cannabidol can alter the gene responsible for triple negative breast cancer.

The researchers exposed cancerous cells to cannabidol and they were surprised to find that the mutating cells not only stopped acting “crazy” but also returned to a healthy, normal state.

The chemical is not responsible for making users high.

The scientists, who hail from the California Pacific Medical Centre in San Francisco, will publish the results in the near future.

Scientists believe that a chemical in marijuana could halt aggressive cancers

Although the study was conducted on animals, scientist Dr. Sean McAllister and his colleague Dr. Pierre Desprez are developing human trials.

They believe that the chemical in marijuana could help stop the spread of many cancers including breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

According to The Irish Mirror, Dr McAllister said: “The preclinical trial data is very strong and there’s no toxicity. There’s really a lot of research to move ahead with,” he said.

The researchers hope to test the chemical alongside cancer treatments chemotherapy and radiation therapy.