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30th Jan 2013

Pep In Your Step: One Irish Lady In Sport

An inspiring Irish lady's success to help you put a pep in your step...

Rebecca McKnight

Being inspired by someone can be the first step to success.

An insight into one successful Irish lady’s life could give you the pep in your step you’ve been looking for…

Every day this week we’ll be inspiring you with one Irish woman who’s known for her healthy lifestyle and her success in sport, in association with Avonmore Slimline Milk.

It’s out onto the water today as we’re inspired by Irish sailor Annalise Murphy.

Annalise is an Irish sailor, currently ranked 14th in the world.

From Rathfarnham, the Dublin girl will celebrate her 23rd birthday on Friday, February 1st.

Annalise competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Women’s Laser Radial class. She won her first four days of sailing and came in 8th and 19th position on the fifth day. On the sixth day of sailing she came 2nd and 10th and slipped down to second place overall, just one point behind the Belgian world number one.

Murphy was a favourite for the gold medal, but was overtaken in the final leg by her competitors and finished in 4th, still her personal best at a world class regatta.

Among plenty of other medals in the cabinet, Annalise has the achievement of being the first woman to ever win the Irish National Championships.

Annalise can inspire you towards a healthier lifestyle and put the pep in your step with the following health and motivation tips for sailors:

1. Dehydration and fatigue dramatically increase the rates of injuries for sailors, but they have staying hydrated down to a fine art. The trick is that hydration should be performed frequently in small amounts, rather than waiting until the feeling of thirst kicks in.

2. It’s all about core strength when you’re out on the water. Muscle conditioning is vital for sailors. Core strength in turn reduces the risk of back and neck injuries. Start conditioning your core with sit-ups on a daily basis. Start off with thirty and challenge yourself to more as you feel able. Alternate between different sit-ups to make sure you are working your abdomen’s lateral muscles too.

3. Keeping our body in tip top shape should apply from top to toe. But sometimes we forget about some of our body bits. What about our hands? Sailors can regularly suffer from rough, dry and sore hands from constant exposure to the sea air. Make sure your own hands stay supple and soft with a simple hand moisturiser.

Yesterday we were inspired by Katie Taylor

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