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31st Aug 2015

Own A Pair Of Spanx? You Might Want To Read This Before Wearing Them Again…

There’s a downside to the shape-fitting underwear.

We all know the joys of some good spanx.

When you plan to wear a tighter outfit but you’re worried about your few lumps, bumps or bloat, spanx can be your best friend.

While we know the whole point of shapewear is to keep everything firm and tight, the compression could actually wreak havoc with your health.

According to the latest reports, restrictive clothing can worsen acid reflux, heartburn, can provoke erosive esophagitis and lead to bowel troubles such as bloating and incontinence.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, gastroenterologist Dr. Kuemmerle points out that wearing restrictive shapewear could have lasting effects you don’t associate with the clothing:

“When you inhale, your diaphragm expands and your abdomen flares out but shapewear restricts this movement and decreases the excursion in respiration.

“In someone who has weakness down below and a tendency towards incontinence, increasing intra-abdominal pressure can certainly provoke episodes of incontinence.”

While using a pair of spanx on a rare occasion won’t cause you any harm, doctors warn against continuous wear. As well as putting increased pressure on organs and breathing, that’s just not going to be comfortable.

Dr. Kuemmerle points out that shapewear also restricts breathing and circulation in the area – which can lead to a build-up of moisture and bacteria, resulting in infection.

Need to wow in a pencil skirt this weekend?

Leave off the spanx until last minute and make sure to take them off when you get home.

A fitted outfit is a lot less fashionable when you can’t breathe comfortably.

H/T via The Huffington Post