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28th Jun 2013

Men-opause. It Is Official, Men Are Out To Destroy Us

We now have someone to blame for causing hot flushes and mood swings.


Have you always been attracted to older men? Wanted to find yourself a Sugar daddy? Well, here is some information that will make you want to reevaluate the situation and become a Cougar.

Menopause – A word that most of us associate with old age, wrinkles and hot flushes, is something we will all have to inevitably experience ladies. Scientists in McMaster University, Canada have carried out a study on what exactly causes menopause. Their answer – MEN! 

Professor Rama Singh, believes menopause is evolution’s way of recognising that older women no longer need the ability to have children as men stop wanting to mate with them. 

The Professor blames loss of fertility in middle-aged females on ‘preferential mating’; claiming men have simply always preferred sleeping with younger women. The study also suggests that if younger women had shunned older men then they too would have developed menopause. Imagine that, they can’t even cope with the sniffles; we’d never be able to listen to them going through hot flushes. 

Singh’s theory has caused some controversy. Evolutionary biologist at Oxford University, Dr Maxwell Burton-Chellew, dismissed the theory, stating it was ‘plain wrong’. 

“The human male preference for younger females is likely to be because older females are less fertile.”

Someone may want to share this information with Crystal Harris.