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11th Feb 2013

Meet the Winner! Reader Ciara Enjoys A Special Pampering Day with Special K

Lucky reader Ciara Fallon shared the story of her lifestyle change and bagged herself an amazing prize package with Special K.

Over the past number of weeks we’ve been searching for an inspirational Irish woman to share her story of how a positive change to her diet or lifestyle has impacted her life for the better.

We were flooded with entries from women all over Ireland, but it’s Ciara who stood out most for our judges. Read her entry and see why we felt she was the perfect choice, then check out the sexy snaps from her makeover below!


Ciara said: 

Since last February, I’ve lost 4 stone.

I found it so difficult at the start but now healthy eating and exercising is part of my life, and I’m slowly becoming a gym bunny too. 

I have some more weight to lose but am totally motivated that in 2013 I will reach my target weight. There are loads of reasons why this change to my life has impacted me personally; having more energy, being healthier, looking better, getting compliments, reaching goals and setting new ones but I would have to say my favourite change is my newly developed passion for fashion.

When you are a size 22 you buy clothes that fit you, regardless of whether you like them or their colour. You buy for the sake of buying – let’s face it, going to work in PJs really won’t cut it! I never enjoyed shopping as most of the shops didn’t have my size and the ones that did had clothes I didn’t like but really had no choice but to buy.  I left more dressing rooms close to tears as yet again something didn’t fit.

Now as a curvy size 14/16 I am loving the whole shopping experience. I am finding shopping in proper high street shops a thrill. During the January sales I was trying on a dress in Oasis and the thrill of it fitting was amazing. The sales assistants must have wondered what the noises were coming from the changing room but it was me doing my little victory dance in the changing rooms, there is a good possibility that I couldn’t keep quiet the little ‘lalalala’ that I was humming also! 

I was having a flick through old photos last night and I was laughing at some of the old photos. I was nearly always making a silly face in them, I suppose I was hiding the fact that I hated getting my photo taken. Now I’m camera ready and the silly faces have been replaced by a sexy grin! I would absolutely love to bring my Mam to the Four Seasons, she has been absolutely amazing throughout the past year, she was behind me at every step encouraging all the way and I’m sure the spending money would be put to good use buying clothes for my wardrobe that keeps decreasing as I create bags and bags of charity clothes. I would love advice from Lisa on how to embrace and make the most of my new curves. Feeling fabulous at any size is any woman’s prerogative and us ladies need to encourage each other that we are fabulous no matter what, for me my confidence and my overall happiness has increased tenfold since my weight loss and I am going to continue 2013 the way I started… feeling FABULOUS!


We adored Ciara’s attitude and positivity, so we called her to break the happy news that she was our winner. Ciara was thrilled to enjoy the overnight stay at the five-star, luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, a personalised nutrition consultation with dietitian Paula Mee, a personal styling workshop with style guru Lisa Fitzpatrick, €500 spending money and a professional hair and make-up session ahead of her photoshoot. We think you’ll agree she looks a million dollars. Congrats Ciara! 


You can see a video of Ciara enjoying her prize here

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