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06th Jun 2013

Looking For The Happy Hormone? This Is Where You Should Be Sitting In The Office

Research shows you where to sit in your office...


So where’s the best spot in the office to hang out for the day?

Take a good look around… you might have to do a sneaky swap of a few seats.

Research has shown that exposure to bright light helps us to regulate sleep, boosts our mood and even raises our productivity levels.

The spot to nab? The desk near the office window, the Daily Mail reports.

The study also shows that if you have trouble sleeping at night, a 30-minute walk on a bright morning can be the answer. It can regulate the body clock and ensure a good night’s sleep later.

Sit near the window and get plenty of happy hormone!

Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster said there have been plenty of studies that have linked light to the release of the “happy hormone”, serotonin.

He also said many of us are “light deprived” as the levels of brightness in our homes and workplaces are not enough to regulate our body clock or keep us at maximum alertness.

On a bright day those next to the window will benefit from the sunlight.

Now it’s just a question of how you can move back to the radiator for the winter…


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