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06th Nov 2012

Let It All Out: Crying Is Good For Your Health!

According to a new study, having an old-fashioned sob is just as good for you as laughing is. Guess we'll have to whip out The Notebook this evening then!

It has always been said that laughter is good for you but it seems that crying is also good for the mind, body and soul.

Recent research, conducted by the University of Minnesota in the US, has found that the majority of those who have a good cry every now and again are actually healthier than those who don’t.

As well as improving your mood, letting those tears out can also reduce stress levels and boost your immunity.

According to The Mirror Professor William Frey, who was involved in the study, said: “We feel better after crying because we are literally crying it out.”

He added: “Chemicals that build up during emotional stress may be removed in our tears when we cry.”

Weeping can also have health benefits as Professor Frey explained: “Unalleviated stress can increase risk of heart attack and damage certain areas of our brain. The human ability to cry has survival value.”

As well as reducing stress, crying is also good for your blood pressure.

Apparently tears that stem from emotion contain higher levels of manganese and potassium which help to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Deep breaths, often associated with crying, ease stress and anxiety as well.

So the next time you are feeling on edge, don’t be afraid to let it all out. It might just do you the world of good. And if anyone asks why you’re doing it, tell them that crying is the best medicine!