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06th Mar 2017

The latest ‘secret menu’ drink from Starbucks is gorgeous (but FULL of sugar)

As if Starbucks didn’t offer us enough choice from its rather extensive menu – the internet came up with ‘secret’ offerings.

And the result is hybrid drinks of varying degrees of deliciousness.

The latest addition? The gorgeous-looking Pink And Purple, and Matcha Pink drinks – refreshing multi-coloured beverages that champion ingredients such as coconut milk, almond milk, and matcha green tea.

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Understandably, Instagram can’t get enough of them – not least as they’re so darn crazy colourful and cute.

With a Matcha Pink drink you get 3 parts strawberry acai refresher along with coconut milk and 1 part matcha green tea with coconut milk.

Meanwhile, the Pink Purple drink is comprised of 1 part strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk and 1 part passion ice tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup and blackberries.

Furthermore, it’s legit available in Ireland. Hurrah!

And while we genuinely reckon they both sound oh-so yummy in a summer-refresher kinda way, apparently dieticians are having none of it.

Why? Well, because both are packed full of sugar.

Robin Foroutan of the Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics in the US spoke this week to Fox News about the Starbucks hacks… and she didn’t sound overly impressed.

“I think the problem with a lot of these drinks is the hidden sugar,” she highlighted.

Her advice? Have an espresso or black Americano instead. Which granted sounds healthy – albeit a lot less fun on Instagram.

Another slight issue we’re contemplating? Well, your barista will probably hate you – something which Instagram account Non Stop Eats also picked up on.

“Though your barista might hate you,” he acknowledges, “you have to ask them to mix the matcha and coconut milk together first, add ice and slowly add the traditional pink drink to make this cool ombre effect.

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“Outside of how magical it looks, it also tastes great. And remember to tip your barista!”

Hear, hear, we say – a tenner oughta do it.