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16th Jan 2015

Jumpstarting Your Fitness: Testing Out A Trampolining Workout

Liz has taken on the Jumpzone 30 day challenge. Could you keep up with the pace?


What if we could tell you there’s a new workout craze that is ridiculously fun, combines your cardio and weight training and can burn up to 1,000 calories a week?

Interested? Read on…

Week 1: Finding My Balance

I was nervous. Nobody told me what to expect, other than an intense cardio workout and some serious tunes. Oh… and I’d be jumping on trampolines.

With a New Year comes a new start, and what better way to kick off my health spree than upping my exercise from couch goddess to trampolining athlete.

So I’ve embarked on a 30 day challenge with Jump Zone.

I was signed up to the Rebound Revolution trampoline classes – a cardio workout that puts your heart, muscles and all other joints work it out in a low impact but high fat burning exercise routine.

It all sounded very promising, and with rumours of burning up to a 1,000 calories per session, I’m picturing myself walking away with a super svelte body by the end of this challenge.

I was greeted by Viv in Sandyford, who handed me a pair of grip socks and introduced the idea of a trampoline workout.

We had a quick chat to check for any injuries, but with a clean bill of health we pressed on.

I’d love to say I took to it instantly, but thankfully Viv is patient. Like when she handed me a set of balls which went flying out of my hands, or we started rotating in 360 degree turns and I had about as much grace as Bambi on ice.

Despite all this I was instantly hooked.

Think back to all the best parties when you’re a child, and it probably involved a bouncy castle.

Now imagine a 50 minute workout, with killer tunes, and a floor and walls designed to spring you back to life.

We started with core control and bouncing to the highest point we could reach while pointing our toes down, moving onto rotations and lunges, splits and back stretches mid-air.

In the words of Blue Peter – here’s something I prepared earlier…

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Then we upped the cardio ante, with sets of sprints and jogging laps, as well as hurdle jumping while pumping our weights. From the front, to the sides, to crouched lunges, it’s fair to say I was sweating.

A lot.

Viv was a great motivator, I even loved her right up until we started doing crunches. And bicycle kicks. But in her defence, it was a great change up for my legs, which were now crying out for a hot bath and lavender oil.

For anyone who thinks this could never be as tough as spin or circuits, I want to let you in on a secret… it’s actually just as hard with better effects. You’re getting an overall workout and you’re learning to master your breathing.

For those who want to start running, or plan on adopting any other kind of cardio workout this year, this class could be the key from out of breath, to beating targets.

But for now, we’ll settle for surviving round two next week.

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m hobbling off to lie down.

Why not make a change from your usual gym trip and take a fun approach to your fitness this January and check out Rebound Revolution trampoline classes at Jump Zone. Suitable for all levels of fitness,  the classes will keep you on your toes!