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15th Apr 2013

“If She Was A Real Woman She Wouldn’t Be Able To Walk” Infographic Shows The Price Of Being Barbie

For years, young girls have idolised the iconic doll but what would Barbie be like if she was a real woman? A new infographic has the answers...

Have you ever wanted to look like Barbie? You might change your mind after you take a look at the above infographic released by is a website that specalises in finding rehab treatment for patients suffering from eating disorders and other issues. They released following image in an attempt to highlight just how unrealistic Barbie’s body shape actually is.

Barbie’s legs are too thin too support her body and her ankles are too small

According to Barbie’s measurements, if she was a real woman she would have to walk on all fours and would be physically unable to lift her head because it is so oversized.

We may envy Barbie’s tiny, toned stomach, but did you know that if she was a real woman, she would only have room for half a liver and a few inches of intestine?

Oh and Barbie’s mini six-inch ankles wouldn’t be able to hold up the entire weight of her body – meaning that in order to get around, she would have to crawl on her hands and knees.

The infographic found that the odds of discovering a woman who has the same tall and thin neck like Barbie is an eye-watering one out of 4.3billion. Likewise, finding a living woman with Barbie’s waist would be one out of every 2.4billion.

Over the years, Barbie’s body has caused a lot of controversy. In 1998, Mattel, who manufacture the doll, expanded Barbie’s weight slightly and made her chest smaller. The company said that this was in order to reflect a “real” female body type but as this new infographic shows, they still have an incredibly long way to go. 


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